Saturday, 14 March 2015

SAMMIE: Have a work out plan

In order to build up my stamina, I need to create a workout routine. This routine will have cardiovascular exercises so that my body will be conditioned to be able to do more activities without getting tired easily. I have ballet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I will start the week with my ballet class. Ballet will strengthen my muscles, make me flexible and give me balance and coordination. With the exercises and warm-ups that we have, it will increase my metabolism that will help me sustain a healthy weight and a toned body easily. Every Tuesday and Thursday will be my cardiovascular workout. It will be mostly running, jogging, swimming and even stairs climbing. This will be good as it will control my weight, increase my energy level and make me look better and feel good about myself. Every Saturday is my Hiphop / Modern Dance Class which will bring the same benefits mentioned above. Having a work-out plan is definitely a plus, not only for me but also for everyone for us not to have a sedentary lifestyle.

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  1. This is a nice workout plan for women! Thanks for sharing :)